Trump: ‘We must cut off’ internet so that ‘loser’ terrorists can’t use it

On Friday morning, at approximately 8:20 a.m. local time in London, what’s being described as an “improvised explosive device” was detonated on a London Tube train just under the Parsons Green station, injuring 22 people. While, during a press briefing, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley gave no information about potential suspect(s), saying “It’s a live investigation,” President Donald Trump — 3600 miles and an entire ocean away — had his own thoughts on the matter.

In a series of tweets, Trump called the perpetrator (singular) a “loser terrorist,” then claimed that these “sick and demented people” (indicating more than one person) “were in the sights of Scotland Yard.” (Where he got that info, we have no idea.) His solution to the problem? Cut off these losers’ connection to the internet!

(Wow — if only he felt the same way about white supremacists!)

Listen, I have taken Trump to task for his cringe-worthy spelling, continued abuse of the English language, and lack of knowledge that punctuation has a purpose plenty of times here in the past. So I don’t mean to sound like your second grade teacher (again), but proper English really does matter — particularly when you’re the President of the United States.

Taken at face value, his statement that “The internet is their main recruitment tool which we must cut off & use better!” indicates that POTUS is suggesting that we simply cut the cord on the internet — period — and that that would solve the problem. Which, of course, is insane. And stupid. And wrong. And would cause a hell of a lot more problems than it would solve. I can only surmise that what he probably/hopefully meant was that we should be finding the ways that terrorist groups are using the internet to recruit new members and organize attacks, and eliminate those resources. Which… well, yeah, isn’t news. And is something that has been going on for years already.

The point is: the internet is a powerful tool. And with even a smartphone and a decent Wi-Fi connection, the president could have just as easily recorded a brief statement on the situation in London, expressing that his thoughts are with the people there (something he did not mention in his tweets), and sharing his inane solution to the problem in a properly written and vetted way. Instead, our guy uses Twitter — a communication tool that limits him to speaking on behalf of the country in 140-character increments. And doing it poorly. Which is only a fraction of what is wrong with the current White House.

Of course, the Trumpster then went on to use the attack to push his travel ban, which has changed so many times that we’re not sure even he knows what it is at this point:

And, of course, he had to get in a dig about President Obama and boast about how much he has done to fight ISIS. (No proof or examples of that statement given.)

But just in case you thought the president might have grown a political conscience or something overnight, he made sure to bring the conversation back to him and his detractors — because, America: that’s the real story!

Wake me when it’s over?

[Photo: AP]