Robert De Niro unloads on Trump again: ‘All he does is open his mouth and insult people’

Star of “The Intern” and “Dirty Grandpa” Robert De Niro took more swings at Donald Trump in a CNN interview posted Friday — saying that while he wants the president to succeed, he doesn’t think it’s likely.

“All he does is open his mouth and yell and talk and insult people and put them down,” he told CNN’s Poppy Harlow. ” That’s inexcusable.”

DeNiro has made no secret of his distaste for our fake tough guy president: He has called America a “tragic dumbass comedy” in a commencement speech and said that he’d love to punch Trump in the face. The CNN interview was ostensibly about De Niro’s plans to help rebuild the island of Barbuda after it was devastated by Barbuda (De Niro has invested in a resort plan for the island).

But it quickly switched into questions about the actor’s views on the president. De Niro pointed out how stupid it was to talk about building Trump’s absurd wall instead of paying for hurricane relief. “We need to really focus on other things,” he said. “Harvey, Irma total devastation.”

De Niro also said that he wanted to give Trump a chance, but he’s still the same shitty person nine months into his term.

“I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he’ll change and do something,” he said. “He hasn’t done anything as far as I can see that changes who he is.”

“Many of us feel that the right thing has to be done for people. We really believe that. Someone like Trump doesn’t really believe that.”

Harlow pushed back, saying voters she spoke with do believe that Trump wants to help them. De Niro responded: “You know what they best con artists in the world say? ‘I’m putting you first.’ And what happens?”


[screen shot: CNN]