Call these senators to save your healthcare, who cares if you’re not their constituent

Senate Republicans are making one last down low attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act before September 30, at which point any legislation must receive a 60-vote majority to pass, and anyone who is worried about the prospect of 32 million Americans losing their coverage if they’re successful has some phone calls to make.

The Graham-Cassidy bill provides block grants to the states to set up their own health insurance programs outside of Obamacare’s requirements and mandates. What that means in practice are huge cuts to Medicaid, the elimination of protections guaranteeing coverage to persons with preexisting conditions, and allowing insurers to offer plans that do not cover essential health benefits, i.e.: emergency services, maternity care, mental health and substance abuse services, prescription drugs, birth control, and preventative care.

While it’s important to call your senator to voice your disapproval of the bill regardless of whether or not they have already pledged to vote yes or no on the legislation, some senators’ votes are still up in the air — and it is especially important that they hear from you. The degree to which they listen will likely depend on whether you are actually their constituent, but there’s nothing wrong with voicing your concern about national legislation that is going to affect you regardless. Also, while I’m not telling you to lie to them, it’s unlikely they’re going to be verifying callers’ locations, and if they were to, zip codes are easy enough to Google. 🙂

So flood the lines.

Susan Collins, Maine (202) 224-2523

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska  (202) 224-6665

Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia  (202) 224-6472

Rob Portman, Ohio  (202) 224-3353

Rand Paul, Kentucky (202) 224-3121 *(but you have to say the Graham-Cassidy doesn’t go far enough)*

You can also call the general number for the Senate and request to be transferred to any senator’s office at 202-224-3121.

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