Spicer wore fake facial hair disguise when leaving D.C. for the Emmys

Turns out the genius who came up with the idea of trotting out ex-White House press secretary Sean Spicer at the Emmys for a fun bit about his history of lying to journalists was none other than your host Stephen Colbert, The New York Times reports. Colbert was so proud of the idea that he and producers hid the planned appearance from crew members, and performed Spicer’s walk-through in private, so that everyone could enjoy being surprised by dude’s cameo.

CBS took the gag so seriously that Spicer donned a disguise on his flight from D.C. to Los Angeles. One of Spicer’s friends — apparently those exist — “hinted” to the Times that the get-up included fake facial hair. Seems unnecessary, considering Spicer could’ve just lied about his reason for traveling. That’s his thing, remember.

In any case, the sooner Trump’s ex-mouthpiece puts back on that “Mission Impossible” mask and lives out the rest of his life in secret, the better. It’s best if we don’t turn members of a white supremacist regime into celebrities. Sadly, it’s unlikely.

[screenshot: CBS]