RNC has spent $231,250 on Trump’s lawyers

The president’s jolly gang of in-fighting lawyers may or may not be pawns for an unprecedented display of political corruption, but at least they’re making stacks in the process. And good news for their self-proclaimed billionaire boss, Donald Trump doesn’t have to pay for any of it. Reuters reported Tuesday that Trump is funding his legal defense with money from his re-election campaign fund and the Republican National Committee.

For the RNC, this has so far amounted to $231,250. Charity scammer and shitty drummer Jay Sekulow pulled $131,250 of that, with the remaining $100,000 going to John Dowd, who thinks Robert E. Lee saved America. It’s unclear how much each attorney has drawn from Trump’s campaign stash, but the last disclosure report revealed that the re-election fund dished out $677,826 on legal consulting between April and June.

The best part about Trump not paying for his own layers is that it frees him up to support his buddy Michael Flynn’s legal defense, which he definitely won’t. But good luck with your Kickstarter, Mike.

[photo: Getty]