GOP senator: ‘There shouldn’t be’ essential health benefits in healthcare bill

This entire MSNBC segment where Wyoming’s Senator John Barrasso defends the Republican’s Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal effort is painful, but the most outrageous part occurred when the senator told Katy Tur that the healthcare bill shouldn’t cover essential benefits.

“I want to talk about essential healthcare benefits,” Tur said. “There are not protections for essential healthcare benefits in this bill.”

“And there shouldn’t be!” Barrasso said.

Without guaranteed essential healthcare benefits, insurance companies can deny coverage for emergency room services, maternity care, prescription drugs, and substance abuse rehabilitation — you know, all the things you buy insurance to cover in the first place. Under Graham-Cassidy, anyone who assumes their insurance with cover the costly lab tests from a doctor’s visit can kindly go fuck themselves.

That’s one of the only questions Barrasso deigned to answer about the unpopular legislation the GOP is trying to force through Congress. Any other time Tur tried to ask about a flaw in the Obamacare repeal bill, Barrasso shifted the conversation right back to the ACA.

“Senator, I just want to know one thing,” Tur asked, “can you guarantee the people of Wyoming that the costs associated with their preexisting conditions will not go up so much so that they will not be able to afford it?”

“The costs have gone up almost already gone up on Obamacare,” Barrasso repled. “Katy, so much that people can’t afford it.”

Tur tried to get Barrasso to answer questions on the pending legislation so many times that she had to explicitly say “I’m trying to get you to answer the question that I asked.”

In fairness to Barrasso, none of his colleagues are doing a particularly good job of defending the bill.

[screen shot: MSNBC]