Photo of Yoda hanging with King Faisal slipped into Saudi history textbook

Students in Saudi Arabia got a fun surprise this week when they encountered a photo in their history textbooks of King Faisal signing the UN charter in 1945 with Jedi master Yoda chilling by his side. Of course, that didn’t actually happen, no matter how much we may wish “Star Wars” characters were present at historical events.

The photo was created by Saudi artist Shaweesh and was accidentally slipped into the books to the chagrin of the Saudi Ministry of Education, which has since pulled the book from schools.

“Everyone loves King Faisal here” Shaweesh told BBC News, “even the younger generations.”

The artist says he is baffled by the photo’s placement in the textbook and has no idea how it got there. He created the image in 2013 after being inspired by an image of Anwar Sadat shaking Mickey Mouse’s hand at Disneyland.

“He was wise and was always strong in his speeches,” Shaweesh told the New York Times about Faisal. “So I found that Yoda was the closest character to the king. And also Yoda and his light saber – it’s all green.”

Ahmed al-Eissa, the Saudi education minister, publicly apologized for the mistake on Thursday, but I imagine the image delighted a lot of kids.

“The ministry has begun printing a corrected copy of the curriculum and withdrawing the previous copy,” al-Eissa said, “and formed a legal committee to determine the source of the error and to take the proper measures.”

Do or do not. There is no “form a legal committee.”

[Photo: Lucasfilm]