Chris Paul also calls Trump on his bullshit

Ever since Trump decided to attack Colin Kaepernick and other NFL players who choose to kneel during the National Anthem and followed it up by withdrawing NBA champ Steph Curry’s invitation to visit the White House, athletes across the country have started speaking out against POTUS.

The whole thing started on Friday when Curry himself made it clear he has no desire to visit the White House while it’s occupied by Trump, despite the tradition of championship teams taking a field trip to Washington to celebrate with the president. Trump responded by declaring on Twitter that Curry wasn’t invited anymore, so there. LeBron James pointed out that’s a chump move that doesn’t even make sense. He also called the president a bum.

Shortly after, Chris Paul, now of the Houston Rockets, sounded off too, questioning why Trump would even care about such things and basically calling POTUS a coward.

“With everything that’s going on in our country, why are YOU focused on who’s kneeling and visiting the White House??? #StayInYoLane,” Paul tweeted .

It’s a fun twist on idiots who yell “stick to sports” whenever an athlete or sports reporter dares say anything vaguely political. Although at the same time, Trump staying in his lane means more attempts to strip health insurance from millions of people and give major tax cuts to the people who need them least. Trump being laser-focused on actual policy isn’t exactly a win, but it would be great if he stopped berating black people for a few minutes.

“And I doubt he’s man enough to call any of those players a son of a bitch to their face…” Paul followed up.

True. It’s easy to call Kaepernick or Michael Bennett a “son of a bitch” when you’re speaking to an auditorium full of people who came specifically because they like you. It’s even easier to tweet.

It’s quite another thing to try deal with someone in reality, and telling Curry he can’t even come to the White House is a good sign he never actually intends to confront any of these people.

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