Mnuchin: NFL players ‘can do free speech on their own time’

United States Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin stopped by ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday morning to defend his use of expensive government planes for travel despite being rich enough to pay easily pay for his own flights along with, of course, Donald Trump’s comments that any NFL player who takes a knee during the National Anthem should be fired.

“The NFL has all different types of rules,” the executive producer of Academy Award-winning major motion picture “Suicide Squad” said. “You can’t have stickers on your helmet. You have to have your jerseys tucked in. I think what the president is saying is that the owners should have a rule that players should have to stand and respect the National Anthem. This isn’t about Democrats. It’s not about Republicans. It’s not about race. It’s not about free speech. They can do free speech on their own time.”

Oh, Steve. This is very much about race. That’s just a lie and you know it.

Steve was not done, however.

“I think the president can use whatever language he wants to use,” Mnuchin said in response to whether Trump should have referred to players who peacefully protest as sons of bitches. “I think the issue is the topic, and the topic, I agree with the president. Why does the NFL have all these other rules that they enforce, that they fine players? This is about respect for the military, the first responders.”

Fun fact: The National Anthem and the American flag do not solely represent members of the military and law enforcement. The problem is the military has pumped obscene amounts of money into the NFL in an extremely successful PR campaign to intertwine the two.

“They have their right to have their First Amendment off the field,” Mnuchin continues. “This is a job, and the employers have the right, when the players are working, to have rules. Why didn’t they wear stickers? Why didn’t the Dallas Cowboys, why were they not allowed to wear stickers in response to people they wanted to pay respect to? So the NFL is picking and choosing what they want to enforce.”

Another fun fact: It’s true that the NFL has repeatedly fined players for violating uniform code rules. Take DeAngelo Williams, who had the gall to raise awareness for breast cancer in a non-sanctioned fashion (read: he wore something other than the officially licensed pink shit that the NFL couldn’t monetize). Every time that happened, people get mad, so pointing to punishments most fans disagree with in the first place is a terrible way to make your point.

It’s almost like capitalism is bad.

[Screeshot via ABC]