Russians funded a Facebook ad campaign for Jill Stein in 2016

Russia’s apparently wildly successful campaign to undermine our democracy during the 2016 election also included buying at least one pro-Jill Stein ad on Facebook, Politico reported on Tuesday.

It’s just the latest evidence of Russia’s attempts to meddle in the election and rile up opposition to Hillary Clinton on Facebook, a campaign that has already been revealed to include ads seen by 70 million people and creating pro-Trump flash mobs in swing states.

Politico reported the ad supporting Green Party candidate Stein came late in the campaign, among other ads from shadowy Russian sources that criticized Clinton and promoted Bernie Sanders, even after the Democratic primary campaign was over.

“Choose peace and vote for Jill Stein,” the ad reads, according to Politico. “Trust me. It’s not a wasted vote. … The only way to take our country back is to stop voting for the corporations and banks that own us. #GrowaSpineVoteJillStein.”

It’s still unclear how many people saw the ad.

Some critics — including Clinton, in her new memoir about the campaign — have called Stein a spoiler in the 2016 election who helped siphon liberal votes away from Clinton in swing states. Since the election, Stein has also been under investigation for some possible ties to Russia. For reaction, we now go live to Jill Stein, who can be seen here doing all she can to build up a legitimate third-party movement in the United States in between election cycles.

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