Russia backed a Black Lives Matter ad campaign on Facebook too

It’s becoming apparent Russia has been dicking around with us on Facebook for the past few years just as much as, well, we dick around on Facebook to kill time every day.

Russians buyers purchased at least one Black Lives Matter ad during the 2016 campaign, targeted to audiences in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore to foment more unrest during protests over police killings in those cities, CNN reports.

The decision to target the ad in those two cities offers the first look at how accounts linked to the Russian government-affiliated troll farm known as the Internet Research Agency used geographically targeted advertising to sow political chaos in the United States, the sources said.

The ad appeared somewhere in late 2015 or early 2016 and appeared to be both supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and showing the movement as a threat to residents of those cities, an indicator of the desire to foment chaos at the heart of Russia’s efforts. Ferguson became a symbol for the movement after the death of Michael Brown, Baltimore saw days of protests after Freddie Gray died after severe rough handling by police officers.

This revelation comes a few days after we learned that Russian ad buys on Facebook also included pro-Jill Stein content, on top of other pro-Trump or anti-Hillary ads that may have reached 70 million people.

Worst of all, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was warned about all this in 2014. Now the Russians are laughing at how easy it was to sow chaos in our democracy, and we’re stuck with a rage grandpa as president who knows about as much about cyber security as he does about not bankrupting casinos.

[Photo: Getty]