Fake photo of Seattle Seahawks burning U.S. flag is one loud dogwhistle

Everyone is capable of being duped by fake news, but Donald Trump supporters seem especially keen to fall for even the most dubious variety so long as it is sufficiently bigoted. Previously, we covered this viral Facebook post of a Photoshopped image of an uncharacteristically cut President Trump, rescuing cats from Hurricane Irma floodwaters that fooled waayyy too many MAGA heads. On Thursday, a much more insidious post was making the rounds among conservatives on the social media platform.

The image, posted to the Facebook group Vets for Trump, was shared nearly 3,600 times in the space of 15 hours. It is quite obviously Photoshopped, but is meant to appear as though Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett is burning the American flag in the team’s locker room while coaching staff and other players look on.

Here’s the original photo:


Despite the fact that the photo is unmistakably fake, thousands of Trump fans posted comments expressing their white rage at this “CRAZY BUNCH of DRUG ATTICS!!” without “real jobs” showing their “black disgusting hearts.” As far as dogwhistles go, this was one of the louder ones.


As with the Photoshopped cat photo, plenty of commenters conceded that the image was probably fake, but asserted that it was true in spirit. In other words, they had no problem getting irrationally angry about something they wholly admitted isn’t real because it confirmed their own ignorant misperception of reality.


Yeah, because “taking it to the streets” is normally so often seen as an acceptable form of protest. Either way, commenters made clear what they think the punishment should be for players who do not know their place.


[screenshot: Vets for Trump]