WH official: San Juan mayor might be ‘too busy doing TV’ to meet with Trump

Donald Trump has spent considerably more time than one would hope arguing with the mayor of San Juan, who got under POTUS’s skin by being so brazen as to ask for better disaster relief so that people in Puerto Rico don’t die. The ideal amount of time spent being upset about this is zero seconds, but instead the president decided to accuse Carmen Yulín Cruz of “poor leadership,” while insinuating Puerto Ricans are lazy for wanting the federal government to help them after a natural disaster.

All of this comes just three days before Trump is scheduled to travel to the island. Cruz made it clear Saturday morning she’d be willing to meet with the president, but when asked if Trump would be willing to do so as well, a White House official responded with condescension and sarcasm.

“Not sure,” the White House told ABC’s Katherine Faulders. “She has been invited to FEMA command center several times to see operations and be part of efforts but so far has refused to come, maybe too busy doing TV?”

Oh, cool. The mayor of San Juan is being insulted by the executive branch for trying to bring attention to the devastation Hurricane Maria brought to Puerto Rico. This of course is also ignoring the fact that it’s been demonstrated time and again that one of the easiest ways to actually get Donald Trump’s attention is to appear on cable news. After all, he’s got a lot of time on his hands, and he’s gotta fill it somehow.

Good to see the president is, as always, laser-focused on the real heart of the issue.

[ABC News | Photo: Getty]