Alec Baldwin’s Trump calls San Juan mayor ‘nasty woman’ in ‘SNL’ opener

Alec Baldwin’s impression of President Trump returned to “Saturday Night Live” to kick off Season 43 in the show’s cold open.

Taking a phone call from San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz in Puerto Rico, played by Melissa Villasenor, Trump tells her she’s called the right person for help. “Trust me I know things are, as the locals say, ‘despacito,'” he says, referencing the dire situation the country is in after Hurricane Maria struck the island a few weeks ago.

Trump promises her country help by the middle of this week, but Cruz tells him that’s not good enough. “You should have paid your bills,” he tells her.

“Ma’am, I don’t know if you know this but you are on an island, in the water. We want to help you but we have to take care of America first,” he adds. “Wait, you do know we’re a U.S. territory don’t you?” Cruz asks.

Looking shocked, Baldwin as Trump stammers, “I mean I do, but not many people know that.” Hanging up on Cruz, he mutters, “Wow that woman was so nasty.”

The crisis in Puerto Rico was not the only recent snafu the show took aim at. Trump made headlines throughout the week for tweeting in opposition to NFL players who protested racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem last Sunday.

To that end, Baldwin’s Trump tells Aidy Bryant’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders that he likes the way she handled “that NFL thing.”

“I’m a little embarrassed that I said it was a black and white issue,” she tells him. “I should have said it was a black versus white issue.” Trump then tells her that he could have been an NFL player. “I’m combative, I like to win and I might have a degenerative brain disease,” he explains, adding, “and believe me, it may seem like what’s coming out of my mouth is b-a-n-a-n-a-s but it’s all part of the plan. The more chaos I cause, the less people can focus. They’re all getting so tired.”

Kate McKinnon also reprised her role as Jeff Sessions to plead with the president not to tweet.

Later on the show, Weekend Update’s Michael Che roasted the president for his response to the situation in Puerto Rico. During Weekend Update, Che read through Trump’s Twitter attack on Cruz, before offering his thoughts: “Oh really, Donald? You bitch! Let me ask you, are you shaking? You wanna go smoke a Virginia Slim until your hands stop moving. This isn’t that complicated, man.”

This story originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter

[Screenshot via NBC]