Tillerson calls Trump a ‘moron’ in Pentagon meeting

Even from a completely objective standpoint, it’s hard to imagine that Donald Trump won’t be remembered as the single worst president in America’s history for years to come. And Secretary of State Rex Tillerson certainly would not be the first person to agree with that assessment. On Wednesday morning, NBC News reported that, back on July 20, Tillerson called the president a “moron” following a Pentagon meeting with a group of cabinet officials and members of POTUS’ national security team. (The incident was confirmed by three officials.)

The meeting occurred just a few days before Trump’s controversial appearance at the Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, where he told a bunch of pimply pre-teens and their moms about how being rich means you can have sex with lots of beautiful women on fancy yachts. (Sounds cool, but I don’t think there’s a merit badge for that.)

In addition to just being plain moronic, Tillerson wasn’t cool with the president’s message to the youth organization either — an organization over which Tillerson presided from 2010 to 2012. Though he was ready to call it quits on the administration, NBC claims it was vice president Mike Pence who talked him off the edge — or at least gave him what officials called a “pep talk” during which he offered some tips for dealing with President Man-Child. (Openly calling him a “moron” was probably on the list of donts.)

That Tillerson and Trump have very different “leadership” styles is hardly a surprise to anyone. (Haha. I just used “Trump” and “leadership” in the same sentence.) While officials told NBC that the two have made progress since Mike’s Pence-ervention, they’ve continued to butt heads over Trump’s penchant for saying/tweeting whatever damn thought comes into his mind and throwing members of his administration under the bus. And the president has gotten pissed when Rex has one-upped him. According to NBC News:

In August, Trump was furious with Tillerson over his response to a question about the president’s handling of the racially charged and deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, administration officials said. Trump had said publicly that white nationalists and neo-Nazi sympathizers shared blame for violence with those who came out to protest them.

“The president speaks for himself,” Tillerson said at the time, when asked on “Fox News Sunday” about Trump’s comments…

The president, according to [State Department spokesman R.C.] Hammond, told Tillerson he was upset with his comments when he saw them the first time. But, Hammond said Trump told Tillerson, after watching the interview a second and third time, the president understood that Tillerson was trying to say Trump is the best person to convey what his values are.

So if you’ve ever wondered what The Donald is doing between tweeting and crushing on Vladimir Putin, it’s apparently watching videos of what his team says about him. Then rewatching it. Then watching it again. And using his pea brain to convince himself that he’s doing a wonderful job. (Note: He’s not.)

But any forward progress between the two took a couple of step backwards this weekend when Tillerson, who is trying to prevent a nuclear war by attempting to establish a diplomatic conversation with North Korea, got wind that his boss was trotting out that “Rocket Man” material again:

On Monday, when asked whether Trump still has confidence in Tillerson, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said yes. But the bigger question may be whether Tillerson still has, or has ever had, any confidence in Trump.

[Photo: AP]