Breitbart: Banning bump-stock device is a ‘typical leftist war on the poor’

A troll over at Breitbart — this time, their “Second Amendment columnist” — wrote up a handy little shitpost for anyone thinking about supporting Senator Diane Feinstein’s common-sense proposal for a ban on bump-stock devices, the legal gun modification that can turn a semi-automatic weapon into one capable of firing 400-800 rounds per minute and which a mass shooter is suspected of using to kill 59 people in Las Vegas.

I haven’t linked to it, because it’s disingenuous nonsense. The messed up thing is even though these fuckers are just trying piss people off, four-fifths of the thing reads exactly the same as any other gun nut’s defense of 2nd Amendment usually does, full of irrelevant jargon and pedantic arguments that have no bearing on anything. Por ejemplo:

1. ATF approved–Bump-stock devices do not change the action of the gun; they do not make the gun an automatic weapon. Rather, they allow the gun owner to mimic automatic fire in short bursts with variable consistency. This means the devices are categorized as an accessory rather than a conversion. Because of this, USA Today reports that they are ATF approved.

Whether an item is ATF approved or is categorized as an “accessory” or a “conversion” is meaningless with regard to how easy it makes it to kill a lot of people. When someone is sprayed with a ton of bullets, they’re probably not concerned with whether those bullets were “mimicking” automatic fire or whether it was the real deal.

2. Other accessories will do the same thing–There are numerous ways a gun owner can make a semiautomatic rifle mimic automatic fire. There are special triggers, cranking devices, and other options, all of which are accessories rather than conversions.

AKA: “There are lots of ways to make a semi-automatic more deadly, so why make this one illegal?”

3. “Bump-Stock” devices are for novelty, not accuracy–Bump-stock devices are not made for accuracy, but for the fun of mimicking automatic fire. Such devices tend to have a universal fit, which means an AR-15’s buffer tube can bobble back and fourth inside the bump-stock while the firearm is being shot. These are not made to be precision instruments but novelties that gun owners can enjoy while out shooting at the range.

We ban novelty toys because they contain toxic chemicals that are deadly to people, and as far as accuracy goes, a bullet in the neck, chest, groin, arm, and leg is going to kill someone dead just as much as one right between the eyes.

4. Machine guns are legal–Contrary to much of the reporting issued after the Las Vegas attack, actual machine guns are legal in the U.S.  Such firearms are extremely expensive–this is because legal machine guns are limited to those made before 1986–but they can certainly be purchased for legal use under federal law. It seems contrary to reality to ban devices that only mimic auto fire in a country where there are hundreds of thousands of privately-owned guns that really are automatic.

AKA: There are already tons of real automatic weapons capable of killing massive amounts of people, so there’s no sense in banning fake automatic weapons capable of killing massive amounts of people.

This is what I’m saying. I wrote an article about the NRA the other day and then some dumbass from my high school started telling me about how I needed to “do my research” and started filling up my Facebook wall with a bunch of bullshit that might as well have been directly sourced from this shitty ass website. Breitbart’s 2nd Amendment columnist might just be trying to get gun control advocates clutching their pearls, but plenty of people read this dreck and take it for the real. They don’t, or don’t care to, distinguish between what’s fake and not.

Which brings us to the article’s fifth “key fact about bump stock devices.”

5. Typical leftist war on the poor–A ban on bump-stock devices takes away the $200 device poorer citizens can buy to at least pretend to be shooting the real machines they will never be able to afford.

Whelp, you got me. Us libs sure do hate the poors. You’re too smart for me, Breitbart! One of these days I’ll get ya, though. Until then, have fun with all that ad revenue your bleeding, along with your president’s many legislative victories.

[screenshot: Breitbart]