Video allegedly shows Dolphins offensive line coach snorting cocaine

On Sunday night, Kijuana Nige, a model in Las Vegas, posted a video on her Facebook page claiming to show Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Christopher Foerster snorting lines of what is presumably blow with what looks like a $20 bill.

“I really don’t do this often but,” Nige wrote in the caption, “since it’s NFL Sunday let’s talk about these coaches folks.”

The man who appears to be Foerster is doing lines of cocaine and addressing the camera.

“Hey babe. Miss you. Thinking about you. How ‘bout me going into a meeting, and doing this before I go?” the man said before poking snot. “There’s those big grains falling, but I miss you. I miss you a lot.”

“I think about how much I miss you, how hot we got together. How much fun it was,” the man says before snorting another line. “So much fun. Last little bit before I go to my meeting…I wish I was licking this off your pussy.”

And they say romance is dead.

“We were just made aware of the video and will have no comment at this time,” a Dolphins rep told Miami Herald on Sunday night.

A source told Miami Herald that the office in the video is most likely the Miami Dolphins HQ.

That sounds pretty bad and all, but did he stand for the anthem?

UPDATE, 7:22 a.m.: The video has been removed from Nige’s page but the internet is forever.

[Screengrab: Kijuana Nige Facebook]