Trump, Pence, and Fox News ain’t got shit to say about Josh Reddick’s flag panties

The people who have been banging the “respect the flag!” drum when black athletes take a knee to protest police murdering black people on site don’t have much too say about Josh Reddick. The Houston Astros’ outfielder stripped down to an American flag Speedo and pranced around in a champagne shower after his team won their American League Division Series. There’s nothing on President Trump or Vice President Mike Pence’s Twitter feeds sanctimoniously condemning Reddick for disrespecting the troops by having bubbly blown up his ass through stars-and-stripes Lycra.

Actually, that’s not true. “Fox & Friends” host Jilian Mele called Reddick a “patriotic outfielder” while footage of the locker room celebration played on the show. Co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade shared her amusement and approval.

To be clear, I don’t think Reddick’s flag panties are offensive just like I don’t think NFL anthem protests are offensive. He’s having fun after a big win, good for him. What is offensive is the different standard placed on the conduct of black athletes than white athletes.

[screen shot: Houston Astros]