State Department spox: I don’t have Rex Tillerson’s SAT scores

In continuing with the theme that we’re living in the stupidest era, Moron-gate is bleeding into another week, with State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert fielding questions on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s IQ and performance on standardized tests. President Trump, a grown-ass man in his ’70s, kicked off Tuesday by challenging his 67-year-old cabinet member to a competitive IQ test. That afternoon, Nauert responded to questions regarding her boss’s intellectual prowess.

“It’s high,” Nauert said when asked by a reporter what the former Exxon CEO’s IQ is. “Anybody that can put things together, an engineer, it’s high.”

According to CNBC reporter Steve Kopeck, Nauert was asked if she had Tillerson’s SAT scores, which he would have taken over 50 years ago. She did not.

During Tuesday’s daily White House press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to diffuse the president’s obsession with IQ by claiming that Trump was joking. “Maybe you guys should get a sense of humor,” Sanders suggested to reporters who asked about why Trump publicly challenged his subordinate to an IQ competition. Clearly such a display would be an excellent use of everyone’s time.

Hey, we all can’t be related to the funniest governor in Arkansas history.

[Screenshot: C-Span]