Woman records insane racist tirade of man who tried to side-swipe her

Charlotte resident Tiffany Sterling recorded a terrifying incident of a man shouting racial epithets at her after allegedly trying to sideswipe her car. The driver she recorded was apparently under the impression that she tried to cut him off.

“He crossed over two lanes and almost hit me so I just honked my horn and he just went crazy,” Sterling told WCNC. “I was like, ‘Is this man trying to kill me right now? What is going on?’ I was just shaking out of shock and disbelief and confusion.”

The two drivers exchanged words when stopped at a red light, which mainly consisted of the man calling Sterling, who is black, a “nigger cunt.” When Sterling started recording the interaction, the other driver’s behavior became more heated.

“Take my picture, bitch,” the driver yelled. “I don’t care!”

Despite the fact that local law enforcement admits that Sterling wasn’t at fault for enduring enraged harassment from a racist lunatic, officers are assigning blame to Sterling for engaging with the guy who tried to literally crash his vehicle into hers.

From WCNC:

“The number one thing is definitely, do not get out of your car,” said CMPD Officer Johnathan Frisk. “If somebody’s trying to challenge you, a lot of times they want you to look at them.”

Sterling admitted in retrospect she should have reacted differently.

“I could’ve not entertained it at all,” she said. “I could not have even listened to what he had to say. It could’ve turned into an unsafe situation looking back, for sure.”

In June, a popped collar Silicon Valley bro was filmed calling a cyclist and her 9-year-old daughter the n-word when she didn’t make a left turn quickly enough for his liking.

[Screenshot: WCNC]

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