Alleged rapist ‘profoundly devastated’ his wife left him

Harvey Weinsten, whose alleged decades-long history of sexual assault was made public over the last week, spoke to Page Six about his wife’s decision to file for divorce. The former head of the Weinstein Company tells Page Six he’s “profoundly devastated” about fashion designer Georgina Chapman’s Tuesday announcement that she was leaving her husband of 10 years.

“I have lost my wife and kids, whom I love more than anything else,” Weinstein lamented. He also allegedly terrorized an entire industry for the better part of 30 years so it’s tough to feel any amount of sympathy.

“I fully support her decision,” Weinstein went on, as if he has nay real say in the matter. “I didn’t stand in Georgina’s way when we discussed a separation. I encouraged her to do what was in her heart. I know she has to do what is best for the children, for herself and her business, she employs 130 people. I don’t want her or my children to be hurt any more than they already have. I truly love Georgina, and I hope one day we can reconcile, although right now I don’t know if that could possibly happen.”

Yes, reconciling does feel like a bit of a long shot at this point. While Weinstein told Page Six the day the New York Times first reported the allegations against him that Chapman was not going to leave him, that all changed on Tuesday. The New Yorker published a report with several more accusations against Weinstein, including three allegations of rape. Chapman announced her decision later that night.

“My heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of these unforgivable actions,” Chapman said in a statement to People. “I have chosen to leave my husband. Caring for my young children is my first priority and I ask the media for privacy at this time.”

The accusations against Weinstein haven’t stopped, as actress Cara Delevingne came forward on Wednesday with her own story of abuse at the hands of the disgraced producer.

[Page Six | Photo: Getty]