Twitter is cool with Nazis but not so much sexual assault victims

On Thursday night, actor Rose McGowan revealed on Instagram that her Twitter account had been temporarily suspended because the company found a tweet or tweets she had posted “violated Twitter Rules.” As per the company’s regulations, McGowan was required to delete the offending tweets as a condition of regaining her account’s full capabilities 12 hours later.


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It’s unclear which tweet of McGowan’s triggered the suspension. The actor has been mounting a social media campaign against disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein since dozens of women over the last week have come forward with allegations he sexually harassed, and in a number of cases, raped them. McGowan herself reached a $100,000 settlement with Weinstein in 1997 after what the New York Times described as “an episode in a hotel room during the Sundance Film Festival.”

McGowan has also criticized actor Ben Affleck on the platform for allegedly lying about being unaware of Weinstein’s behavior in a tepid condemnation of sexism and harassment in Hollywood. She has started an online petition to dissolve the Weinstein Company, accusing its board of actively attempting to cover up Weinstein’s transgressions.

One alleged tweet that has since been deleted (but supposedly copied by another account) from McGowan’s account was accompanied by a screenshot of a 2012 email message. The email purportedly was sent to the actor from Lindsay Lohan’s manager setting up a meeting with Bob Weinstein, along with the words “they ALL knew.” The manager’s phone numbers were not redacted in the original screenshot McGowan posted.

While it’s not clear whether the tweet was deleted at the behest of Twitter, what can be said definitively is the social media platform seems to have acted swiftly against a victim of sexual abuse speaking out against her abusers. Meanwhile, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and misogynists remain free to threaten minorities with lynchings and tell women to “get raped” on the service.

UPDATE: Twitter issued a statement to The Daily Beast confirming McGowan’s account was suspended because of a tweet containing a private phone number.

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