Peepaw nearly wanders out of the room without signing disastrous healthcare exec order

After failing multiple times to repeal the Affordable Care Act through the proper legislative channels, Donald Trump signed an executive order Thursday targeting Obamacare healthcare laws and allowing people to buy plans with less coverage outside of the state exchanges.

After giving a seemingly ad-libbed statement to the press on his order that threatens to undermine the protections provided by the ACA, Trump then veered into the topic of tax reform with the world’s least subtle segue. “By the way, on another subject,” Trump said, “massive tax cuts.”

Then, Trump turned, shook hands and proceeded to exit the Roosevelt Room before Mike Pence had to physically tap him and point to the desk with the executive order waiting for the president’s signature. You can watch that happen after the 15-minute mark:

This isn’t the first time the vice president had to remind Trump not to leave the room before signing an executive order at a ceremony dedicated to the signing of an executive order.

[Screenshot: The White House]