San Juan mayor: Nominate whoever deletes Trump’s Twitter ‘for the Nobel Peace Prize’

If there were a Nobel Prize for Badass Politicians, San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz would win it in a landslide. But she’s got her eye on the Nobel Peace Prize — not for herself, but for whoever it is who manages to silence the tweeter-in-chief.

On Friday morning, Cruz appeared on “The Today Show,” where she spoke about the anger she and her fellow citizens are feeling in the wake of Donald Trump’s ongoing jabs at the island, including a Thursday Twitter storm that made it clear that he’s ready to pull FEMA out of Puerto Rico and leave the American territory to its own devices.

“I think it’s conduct unbecoming of a leader of a free world,” Cruz said of the president’s Twitter tantrums. “The president uses Twitter sort of to disperse hate. So whomever deletes that account should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.”

This, of course, is not the first time Cruz has openly criticized the president. Since Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico more than three weeks ago, the mayor has become a mouthpiece for much of the world when it comes to Trump’s seeming indifference to what happens to the millions of American citizens who are attempting to rebuild their lives —  and homes — with most of them lacking electricity or access to clean water. Cruz has refused to mince words or kiss ass when it comes to the shoddy treatment Puerto Rico has been receiving in terms of assistance.

Meanwhile, shortly after Cruz’s TODAY Show appearance, the president had this to tweet:

Yeah, it definitely sounds like “the wonderful people of Puerto Rico” have POTUS’ full support.

[screen shot: NBC]