Unemployed sexual predator body-shames his dog

Somebody named Bill O’Reilly tried to use his pet corgi to criticize black athletes on Monday and revealed just how little respect he has for women of all species. It’s also possible that the ousted, moldy ex-Fox News pundit doesn’t understand how dogs work.

Holly would never take a knee during the National Anthem even if she had knees.

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“Holly would never take a knee during the National Anthem even if she had knees,” O’Reilly wrote on Instagram and Twitter, making a reference to the numerous professional athletes who have protested racist policing by taking a knee during the pregame playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Holly, being a dog, does have knees. O’Reilly, whose harassment of women cost Fox News $13 million in settlements, is a senile old man who once dragged his wife down a staircase by her neck. So this may just be an example of him making fun of Holly’s body, specifically her short legs, which isn’t very nice, but certainly wouldn’t be out of character.

The caption seems earnest, though, so it’s plausible that O’Reilly is under the impression that corgis don’t, in fact, have joints between their upper and lower legs. As the father of daughters owner of a mutt who spent her summer recovering from multiple torn knee ligaments, I take great offense.

Anybody know a good dog custody lawyer? Asking for Holly.

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