Mitch McConnell helps Trump conquer his crippling fear of stairs with handhold

Following Monday’s bizarre impromptu Rose Garden press conference where President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pretended to like each other and pledged unity in giving their rich friends tax breaks and dismantling the healthcare system the president is actively sabotaging, the two leaders shared a tender moment while leaving the presser and returning to the White House.

The CNN footage shows McConnell slightly ahead of the president when he reaches back behind him and grabs Trump’s hand. McConnell is the one initiating the handhold.

There are a couple theories as to why that is:

1. McConnell stumbled a bit and reached back for the president’s hand to steady himself as he fell forward.
2. McConnell was being a good lackey and anticipated Trump’s demonstrated fear of stairs. British Prime Minister Theresa May has had to hold the 71-year-old’s hand as he walked down sharp inclines outside the West Wing. This also marked one of the few times Trump was photographed touching an age-appropriate woman.
3. Trump’s whirlwind friendship romance with Lindsey Graham has fizzled out and now he’s moved on to a new BFF.

One thing’s for certain, McConnell seems way more amenable to touching the president than the first lady usually does. I guess Trump shouldn’t look a gift tortoise in the mouth.

[Screenshot: CNN]