Greek PM gets reminded he called Trump ‘evil’ while standing next to him

Leave it to Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts to narc out Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras over calling then-candidate Trump “evil” during the 2016 election. During Tuesday’s joint press conference Roberts cited a comment Tsipras made in March 2016 where he said he hoped “we will not face this evil,” referring to a Trump presidency.

The CNN footage is the best one to watch because you get to watch President Trump react to hearing the remark for the first time while Tsipras tried to nervously laugh it off. Notice the president’s weird facial tics and slumped shoulders barely containing an internal cauldron bubbling over with rage.

“I wish I knew that before my speech,” Trump remarked, pretending to be a good-natured dude who just rolls with the punches.

Tsipras, who is currently leading a country gripped by severe austerity measures in response to a debt bailout from the EU, did his best to gracefully recover.

“I am very optimistic after the meeting we had today,” Tsipras said. “The meeting we had was very productive, not a moment did I feel threatened at any time. I saw that there is a very fertile outlook here in order to set aside any differences we may have here to find the common ground which is very important to the relationship.”

Perhaps Tsipras knows a thing or two about “evil” given how Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party gave an emphatic endorsement to Trump last year.

[Screengrab: CNN]