Commissioner Cuck gets dizzy dodging NFL anthem protest questions

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell met Tuesday with 11 team owners, 12 players, and the players’ union director to discuss stupid people’s ongoing anger over athletes exercising their first amendment right to protest racist policing. The meeting resulted in the league confirming that it will not penalize players who take a knee during the pregame playing of the National Anthem.

“We just talked about how the owners could come alongside us and we could, collectively, collaboratively, work together to actually create some change, real changes,” Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins told reporters afterward, according to The New York Times. “We feel a real responsibility to our country, to our communities, so we’re working through ways to really have long lasting, real change.”

San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York attempted to downplay President Jockstrap’s attacks on players who kneel.

“We need to be above petty attacks from anybody, because racial and socioeconomic inequality has existed in this country for too long,” York said. “You got to block out the noise and go do your job.”

Goodell held a press conference and pretended National Anthem protests didn’t even come up during the meeting. Asked whether he told the 12 players in attendance — all of whom have kneeled during the song this season — whether they are required to stand, Goodell said:

We did not ask for that. We spent today talking about the issues that players have been trying to bring attention to – issues to make our communities better. I think we all agree there’s nothing more important than trying to give back to our communities and make them better. That was the entire focus of today.

While reporters tried to ask follow-up questions about whether Goodell understands that players are protesting one specific “issue” in their “communities” (racist cops who kill, brutalize, and overcriminalize black people with impunity), Goodell, looking like a deer caught in the headlights, except his deer bosses own everything, and he, too, is rich enough to afford whatever deer surgery may be required, walked off stage-left, realized that was the wrong direction, doubled back with the help of a security guard, nervously laughed it off, and exited the room.


Dodging reality is dizzying.

[h/t: Deadspin | screengrab: ABC News]