Sarah Palin Wants It Both Ways: Smears GOP Establishment, But PAC Gives Big

Sarah Palin blasted GOP establishment as “sleazy” yesterday. Why, then, does her PAC give so generously to high-power Republicans?

Sarah Palin Wants It Both Ways: Smears GOP Establishment, But PAC Gives Big

Palin’s remark came after Politico passed on word that GOP leaders were gearing up to put the kibosh on a potential Presidential run. Palin, playing her usual underdog role, went on Fox Business and declared, “Establishment bosses and advisers that try to shape a candidate and get paid to shape that candidate. It’s very sleazy.”

This public image, however, conflicts with Palin’s private machinations.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, SarahPac, Palin’s political action committee that spent a total of $3.6 million this election cycle, donated thousands to key Republican leaders, such as $1,000 to Senate minority leader Lindsey Graham, $5,000 to Sen. Pat Toomey, another $2,500 to John Thune, and a whopping $7,500 to influential Senator Jim DeMint. These men may be Palin’s ideological allies, but they’re also squarely “establishment.”

Palin’s contradictory positions come into even clearer focus when one looks at her donations to Alaskan candidates.

The former governor has made great hay over Tea Party Senate candidate Joe Miller, to whom her PAC gave $10,000. But it also gave $5,000 to incumbent and write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski, whom Palin has since described as “the candidate for the entitlement party.”

SarahPac is making donations to many freshman candidates, like Marco Rubio, but it’s also spending time and money in Capitol Hill, and illustrates how the pundit, who wants so desperately to look like an oppressed outsider, plays both sides of the fence.

Moving ahead into 2012, Palin has to make a big decision: continue presenting herself as an enemy of the “good-old-boys club,” or admit she’s becoming one of them. Eventually Palin’s going to have to pick sides: the politicians or the Tea Party public.