Kellyanne Conway: ‘The best way to stop overdoses is not starting in the first place’

As if hearing Donald Trump’s thoughts on the opioid crisis weren’t already enough to drive you to drugs, on Thursday evening, Fox News forced its viewers to listen blonde parrot Kellyanne Conway echo the same asinine statements on how to fix America’s drug problem.

After praising the president’s “heartfelt” speech, Conway shared what the rest of us already know: that there was nothing original in the president’s declaration that drugs are bad.

“Basically, the president echoed the message that many health care providers and elected officials say, which is: the best way to stop people from dying from overdoses and drug abuse is by not starting in the first place. That’s a big core message for our youth that the First Lady is continuing to push with prevention education.”

In case you’re confused: The first lady she’s referring to is Melania Trump, not Nancy Reagan. And, no, we didn’t time-travel back to 1982. But President Steel Trap seems to think the rest of us are dumb enough to have forgotten that the just say no thing has already been done. And that there’s a heap of evidence to prove this methodology doesn’t work.

Conway also addressed the issues of drug treatment and recovery, saying that, “We recognize there are already millions of people suffering, and we want them to get the treatment and hopefully the recovery that they so desperately seek and that they deserve.”

So I assume this means the new healthcare bill will cover drug rehabilitation?

[screen shot: Fox News]