Trump getting talking points on NYC attack from ‘Fox & Friends’ instead of daily briefing

Following Tuesday’s night’s terror attack in Lower Manhattan, President Trump appears to be parroting counter-terrorism talking points made on his favorite TV show “Fox & Friends.” As the Washington Post pointed out, the president seemingly gleaned his message to the public from “the chatter of cable news commentators providing incomplete facts” rather than “high-level briefings.” In fact, he even quoted a guest directly and gave Steve Doocy and the gang a nice little shoutout.

Trump’s Wednesday morning tweets appeared less than 15 minutes after the segment he seems to be quoting aired. Sounds like enough time to compose a few rage tweets while sitting on the toilet.

“The president was getting ongoing updates from his Chief of Staff John Kelly, but early in the morning, the president gets his best information by watching television,” NBC News reporter Peter Alexander said on “Morning Joe.” “That appears to be what he’s reacting to right now.”

The fact that Trump is influenced by the morning zoo crew of cable news isn’t new, but it’s worth repeating the kind of sway a pudding-brain like Brian Kilmeade has on the leader of the free world.

[Screenshot: Fox News]