Alex Jones sells shirts to trigger Antifa super soldiers into embracing capitalism

What a week we have endured, which has brought us even closer to the anniversary of the election that put Donald Trump in office. For pantsuiters who can’t even bear to look at all their now-useless Hillary Clinton memorabilia, this means recalling what they were doing exactly one year ago in the days that led up to Nov. 8th, 2016.

That’s what led me to watching Lena Dunham box up her gratuitous HRC swag as part of some equally gratuitous documentary. But Dunham’s hackneyed screen-prints aren’t the garments I’m after to mark an entire year of bullshit. What’s really of importance is this total fucking nonsense Alex Jones has decided to sell to trigger Antifa supersoldiers and turn a buck.

The alt-right took a Twitter joke about an Antifa-led civil war against soccer moms to its only George Soros-sponsored, logical conclusion: They assumed its legitimacy and began stockpiling MREs lest they be killed on an empty stomach. For Jones, preparing for battle means hocking the $13.95 shirt, which comes with a matching sticker.

“America is an information-based civil war. We’re winning that war thanks to you,” Jones says in the nearly two-minute-long ad spot. “And wearing t-shirts and Infowars ball caps in public is one of the best ways to spread the word.”

Recruitment’s shockingly lax for this fake fight and the shirt doesn’t even make any goddamn sense. But it perfectly sums up the world we’re now living in, as does this gem of a review for said garment.



[screengrab: InfoWars]