Populist hero Steve Bannon now enjoying lavish lifestyle, post-White House

Supposed enemy of the elite Steve Bannon is apparently enjoying a life of luxury after getting ousted from the White House. The right-wing populist’s John Steinbeck now enjoys a steady diet of smoothies and only flies on private jets, usually flanked by his own personal security detail, according to a Politico profile on the (mostly) rising fortunes of Trump administration exiles.

After returning to the Breitbart helm, the former White House chief strategist went on an exhaustive diet, the tenets of which are plastered onto the refrigerator at his Capitol Hill townhouse.

Snacks are a no-no, but hummus is acceptable in a pinch as he attempts to lead a Trumpist revolution without Donald Trump. He drinks smoothies and tends to avoid red meat. Aides have strict orders on what groceries to buy.

There’s definitely nothing elitist about having your employees do your food shopping for you or having expensive catering at your parties while hosting swamp denizens in your home.

On a recent evening, Bannon stood underneath a chandelier in the Breitbart News headquarters turned personal office and took selfies with party guests. The political provocateur, with a fondness for layering several shirts on top of each other, had convened much of elite Washington into his house for a fete.

The former White House chief strategist — who has railed against establishment Washington — seemed to be in his element among the Dean and DeLuca beef tenderloin sandwiches, flowing vodka and spanakopita triangles.

Way to take on the establishment.

Bannon claimed to exclusively fly private while accompanied by bodyguards because his notoriety and his extremist views requires extra security. Of course, chartering your own private jet isn’t an experience the white working-class vote he courted with racist anti-immigration dog whistles can relate to.

Despite now having the time to enjoy his seemingly bottomless fortune, Bannon is still dead set on seeing his Trumpist revolution to the end by backing psychos like Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore in upcoming congressional races.

If Bannon sounds like a fraud, that’s because he is. The anti-globalist made millions off of multi-national deals brokered during his time as an investment banker. The hard right winger railing against the liberal elite made a good chunk of change on the business side of Hollywood, before failing as a screenwriter and filmmaker. The crypto-fascist is railing against everything he supposedly hates, but only after he reaped millions.

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