Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump ‘in a world of shit,’ claims source close to family

It doesn’t take a genius to assume that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner wake up every day in their tony D.C. neighborhood regretting the comfortable grifts they left behind. Serving at any capacity in the White House is way out of their depth, and, naturally, details of their misery and remorse are appreciated. On Wednesday, Vanity Fair painted a picture of the New York glitterati social scene the power couple traded for a fecal prison besieged by a looming investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to the Kremlin.

Although Jared and Ivanka have failed to moderate President Trump’s hard right policy leanings — and Kushner in particular shot the administration in the foot when he urged his father-in-law to fire former FBI Director James Comey — their participation in such a divisive administration has taken them down a few pegs with friends back in NYC.

From Vanity Fair:

Washington has been both an unimaginable opening and a kick to the stomach. It is clear now, though, as their anniversary in the swamp dawns, that an eventual return to New York may not be more appealing. Their social circle has shifted, real-estate prospects are waning, and widespread negativity awaits.

The president reportedly likes reminding the couple what a sweet life they had before relocating to the swamp and constantly getting their asses sliced thin by the press. To be fair, President Trump has openly lamented leaving his freewheeling life behind to assume the highest office in the land during his first real attempt at landing a public service gig. Also, Kushner himself admitted that the pair “exfoliated” friendships by pushing the agenda of an aspiring autocrat.

“Anyone who was willing to change a friendship,” Kushner told Forbes in 2016,  “or not do business because of who somebody supports in politics is not somebody who has a lot of character.”

Granted, Kushner seems to be standing in a glass house in regards to calling out character given how his murky financial dealings are being probed by special counsel Robert Mueller.

One source close to the couple concisely summed up their current predicament:

“They’re in a world of shit,” one of the people close to the family told me. “He may seem cool, but he’s sweating, and she’s like her father. She’ll never acknowledge it and [will] blame the media. But she’s been working on her reputation forever, and now it’s going to suffer horrifically. And for what?”

Boo fucking hoo. They did it to themselves.

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