Eric Trump’s brother-in-law got a big promotion at the Department of Energy

Though there’s been an anti-nepotism statute on the books for 50 years now, Donald Trump has somehow managed to normalize the positioning of his idiot offspring and their significant others into his administration. Now he’s taking that one step further by giving cushy gigs to his in-laws’ family members. In February, Kyle Yunaska — brother-in-law of Eric Trump (the vampirish one) — landed a gig at the Energy Department, despite having no experience in the industry. On Wednesday afternoon, The Hill reported that Yunaska has been promoted to chief of staff at the Energy Department’s Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis.

Of course, just because a person has a connection to the Trump family doesn’t automatically mean that he or she is not qualified for a high-ranking government position — but in Yunaska’s case, it’s absolutely true. Though he earned bachelor’s degrees in physics and management, plus an MBA, from East Carolina University, the most notable role on the 32-year-old’s resume is the time he competed to win the title of Washington, D.C.’s “Hottest Bachelors” on “Inside Edition” in 2013. (He lost.)

Originally, Yunaska was appointed to the department as one of Trump’s so-called “beachheads,” the political equivalent of a seat-filler. Typically, these positions are temporary and include several former lobbyists or other campaign staffers whose only real task is to make sure that the no one fucks with the candidate’s true agenda, so Yunaska’s role didn’t really raise a lot of red flags — well, at least not beyond his lack of experience or connection to #45.

Yunaska’s promotion, on the other hand, is different. As it means that the inexperienced brother of the president’s daughter-in-law (Yunaska is the brother of Lara Trump, who briefly became the face of the president’s “real news” Facebook network and claimed she read a transcript that the White House said did not exist) is now overseeing the very office that, during the Obama administration, was responsible for ensuring that the president’s climate change agenda was being carried out. Then again, I guess that’s better than having a reality TV show host who brags about sexually assaulted women becoming president and actually determining what that office’s agenda should be. Oh, wait…

[Photo: AP]