Sean Hannity apologizes for defending pedophilia

Fox News robot Sean Hannity might be a lot of things — including a racist — but he’s not a pedophile apologist, and he wants to set the record straight on that. On Thursday, while discussing the sexual misconduct allegations being lodged against Roy Moore, Hannity seemed to suggest that any sexual relationship that might have occurred between the embattled Senate candidate and a 14-year-old girl was “consensual.” Except that, legally speaking, a 14-year-old is not capable of having a consensual sexual affair.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to pick up on this fact, and take Hannity to task for what seemed to be a blasé attitude toward pedophilia. That’s when Hannity went ape shit — and took specific aim at CNN’s “fake” Jake Tapper (his words), who called Hannity out in his signature matter-of-fact style. There were lots of ALL CAPS WORDS and exclamation points!

Eventually, Hannity came back down to planet Earth and did something few other Fox News employees have ever done: admitted to misspeaking. Which led the ever-cool Tapper to delete his tweets:

Hannity, in an attempt to seem like a real human being, did the same:

An hour later, in a series of tweets, he again explained that the confusion was due to a bit of crosstalk — but couldn’t resist getting in a line about the “lazy media.”

Then, with his pro-pedophilia scandal behind him, Hannity bid us all a goodnight.

[screen shot: Fox News]