Papadopoulos somehow surprised Trump threw him under the bus to save his own ass

Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos is apparently shocked and upset that the Trump administration would distance itself from him after he lied to the FBI about his Russia connections in order to protect the president.

A source told ABC News that Papadopoulos lied to the FBI about his efforts to arrange meetings between the campaign and the Kremlin in order to not contradict what Trump was saying publicly about there being no ties between his staff and Moscow. Now Papadopoulos is reportedly “upset” that an administration helmed by a shameless mercenary painted him as some “low level volunteer” who just wandered in off the street and had no responsibilities in order to keep the investigation from closing in on the White House. This was a far cry from the time then-candidate Trump told the Washington Post editorial board that Papadopoulos was “an excellent guy” while discussing his campaign’s team of foreign policy advisers.

A tweet like this must sting, especially after pleading guilty to a criminal charge for lying to protect him.

The fact that the Trump campaign made former manager Paul Manafort sound like some intern who just showed up to meetings for free sandwiches should have been the first clue to Papadopoulos that he was going to be cannon fodder the minute his efforts to connect the campaign with Kremlin officials went public.

Sometimes you never really learn that lesson until you’re presented with a plea deal.

[Photo: LinkedIn]