Man who livetweets ‘Fox & Friends’: ‘I don’t get to watch much TV. Primarily because of documents’

During a flight from Da Nang to Hanoi, Donald Trump took some time to air one of the many grievances he has with the Fake News Industrial Complex. You see, the president is very upset that reporters keep telling everyone that he spends most of his days sitting around watching cable news.

“People that don’t know me, they like to say I watch television—people with fake sources,” Trump told reporters on Air Force One. “You know, fake reporters, fake sources. But I don’t get to watch much television. Primarily because of documents. I’m reading documents. A lot. And different things.”

Yes, the guy who records and then livetweets his morning viewing of “Fox & Friends” definitely doesn’t watch a lot of TV. It’s not like he has a grudge against CNN and always seems to know every single negative story they report about him. No, this is a man with a singular focus who does not have time to turn on the TV or go golfing every weekend. His time is just too precious.

Keep in mind POTUS likes his documents as short as possible with lots of charts and maps. How long can it possibly take him to get through a one-page briefing filled with bullet points and pretty colors?

As a side note, I am incapable of reading the word “documents” without hearing it in Mitch Hedberg’s voice.

Anyway, Trump was trying to dodge questions about alleged child molester Roy Moore when he said that.

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