Hannity tries to broker peace between his fans and a coffee machine

Sean Hannity’s inability to outright condemn alleged child molester Roy Moore last week prompted several companies to pull ads from his radio and TV shows, among them Keurig. At the time Keurig pulled their ads, the only other companies that had done likewise were 23andMe and Realtor.com. Of those three brands, Keurig is the only one that makes a recognizable physical product, so Hannity fans launched a #BoycottKeurig campaign, during which some extremely devoted HannityHeads actually destroyed their coffee machines. On Monday, Hannity tried to put a stop to all of that, asking his fans to “hold your fire.”

“Hold your fire please,” Hannity said on his radio show Monday afternoon. “In my opinion Keurig was a victim of a group with a radical agenda, and they didn’t know.”

Hannity was moved to broker this peace treaty after Keurig apologized earlier on Monday. To be clear, Keurig didn’t apologize for pulling ads, and didn’t say they would resume advertising during the show. They just apologized for announcing the change on Twitter, making it seem like they were “choosing sides.”

“I accept the apology of the CEO today,” Hannity went on, even though the apology wasn’t directed at him. “Please stop breaking your Keurig machines.”

The Fox News host proclaimed multiple times that he owned five (5) Keurig machines himself, which feels like way too many. He also noted that coffee is non-partisan, and folks from all walks of life love to slurp down that warm bean broth.

“Conservatives drink coffee. Everyone drinks coffee,” Hannity said. “Coffee should be non-political! But that’s not the environment we’re living in.”

But what of all those smashed Keurig machines? Hannity himself offered to replace any that were destroyed in the tragic two-day-long war between the machines and people who don’t understand the basic concept of a boycott. This means Keurig actually stands to profit from all of this as Hannity is now on the hook for a bunch of machines that otherwise would have probably remained in one piece over the weekend.

Way to go, guys. You sure owned those libs or whatever.

[h/t Jeremy Barr | Screenshot via Angelo John Gage‏]