Conservatives forced to choose: Hannity or whip-its

Amid Sean Hannity’s effort to broker peace between his viewers and their coffee machines, more companies announced they will stop advertising on the Fox News anchor’s television show. Volvo, Hebrew National, and Hubble Contacts, among others, announced on Monday that they are cutting Hannity from their plans in the wake of him defending accused child molester Roy Moore.

Posing particular concern for Fox News fans who love getting high as shit and watching dude yell about Hillary Clinton, Reddi Whip joined the advertiser boycott. Yes, Trump nation, it looks like you’re facing that consumer decision you’ve always dreaded: Hannity or whip-its.

On one hand, you’ve got a brain cell-destroying addictive substance that alters perceptions of reality. On the other, you’ve got whip-its. If you want to keep sucking nitrous oxide for the cheap, you have to betray your favorite Trump publicist. If you want to keep mainlining conspiracy theories about uranium deals and imaginary antifa attacks, you gotta stop buying your favorite brand of whipped cream.

Nobody said politics was easy.

[h/t: Angelo Carusone | photo: AP]

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