Trump bails on Asia summit plenary session because it was running late

Donald Trump departed the Philippines on Tuesday, bringing his 12-day Asia visit to an end. True to form, however, he bailed on the final plenary session because it was running two hours behind and honestly, who has the time for that shit?

Trump peaced out right after lunch rather than wait around for the delayed session. He instead opted to give his planned speech during the lunch session, which I’m sure everybody else appreciated. Nothing like having a perfectly fine meal interrupted by multiple utterances of the phrases “believe me” and “FAKE NEWS!” POTUS did make Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stay behind for the plenary session, though. Owned.

Back on Air Force One, Trump boasted about what a tremendous success his trip was, claiming he had closed on “$300 billion, possibly triple that figure,” worth of deals, Reuters reports. President Deals didn’t go into any detail, so we have no choice but to assume these alleged agreements will be about as successful as the Carrier deal Trump kicked off his presidency with.

Remember that? When the then-president-elect boasted about saving hundreds of jobs that got cut anyway?

[Reuters | Photo: Getty]

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