Don Jr. is way too proud of this deadlifting video

On any given day, Donald Trump, Jr., sits up like he left the hanger in his shirt, but on the day he’s deadlifting 375 lbs on camera, he somehow can’t keep his back straight. It’s redundant to point out that his form is garbage. He acknowledges as much himself in the caption before all the gym rats could parachute into the comments to correct his technique.

I’m not here to talk about a fortunate son showing off his middling accomplishment days before being exposed (again) as one of Russian intelligence’s easiest marks. I’m here to give props to the real MVP, the bored looking lady behind him who rolls her eyes as the first son huffs and puffs with his barbell, and then walks away stifling a laugh as he raises a triumph fist for the camera.

Perhaps she’s laughing at his form. Or perhaps she’s laughing at the fact that the 39-year-old senior Trump Organization executive clearly skips leg day. Either way, she’s a sublime audience surrogate.


“At the extreme ends it gets tougher to stay perfect,” Don Jr. wrote in his caption posted shortly before he was revealed to have been DMing with Julian Assange on Twitter about stolen Democratic emails during the 2016 election.

Hey, at least no animals were harmed.