Rep. Mo Brooks risks his life to defend Roy Moore

On the same afternoon that the Republican National Committee stopped funding Senate candidate Roy Moore’s campaign, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Moore would be expelled from Congress if elected, Rep. Mo Brooks risked his life to defend the accused child molester.

Chased by an ABC News reporter, Brooks, 63, scampered down a staircase in the Capitol with no regard for whether he might trip, fall, smash his face, break his neck, and live the rest of his life as a paralyzed pedophile apologist. Here’s the action:

“Do you believe Roy Moore over the women?” the reporter asked.

“I believe that the Democrats will do great damage to our country,” Brooks responded, picking up his pace.

“So you still believe Roy Moore?” the reporter asked again.

“I believe that the Democrats will do great damage to our country on a myriad of issues,” Brooks said.

Slow down, buddy! Nobody wants to see you crash down several flights, smash both eye sockets, stain your suit with blood, and lose the ability to walk again. That would be sad.

[screengrab: ABC]