Bannon allegedly made Hannity back off his ’24 hour’ Moore ultimatum

After setting his “Escape from New York” style ultimatum to Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore demanding that the former assistant district attorney prove he didn’t sexually abuse teen girls in the late ’70s and early ’80s, Sean Hannity has given Moore his blessing to stay in the race. Perhaps Hannity dropped his bluster over the insane open letter Moore wrote arguing that he was the victim of a vast left wing conspiracy. What’s more likely is that he decided not to drop the hammer after a reported phone call from Moore’s backer and head Breitbart C.H.U.D., Steve Bannon.

According to CNN reporter Rebecca Berg, Bannon ran interference for the embattled GOP senate candidate who was allegedly banned from a local mall in the early ’80s after sexually harassing teen employees.

“An intervention by Steve Bannon might have moved Sean Hannity off of his initial stance questioning inconsistencies in Roy Moore’s stories,” Berg wrote. “Bannon called Hannity following his Tuesday night ultimatum and urged the host to dial back the harsh criticism, a source familiar with the conversation confirmed. On Wednesday night’s show, Hannity said it’s up to the voters to decide.”

Way to take a stand.

[Screengrab: Fox News]