Alabama pastor defends Moore: ‘There are some 14-year-olds who, the way they look, could pass for 20′

Senate candidate Roy Moore lost the official support of most GOP leaders in the wake of allegations that he sexually assaulted multiple teenage girls when he was in his 30s, but one group has stood strong: evangelical pastors. The Boston Globe spoke to a group of preachers who endorsed the mall creep, according to Moore’s wife, and they all defended the candidate.

None of the men come off looking particularly good, as is the case when you’re shilling for an alleged pedophile, but one guy in particular definitely should have just let the Globe’s call go to voicemail. Earl Wise, a pastor and realtor in Millbrook, Alabama, accused the alleged victims of inventing their stories for money. Then he explained why you shouldn’t blame Moore anyway because teenagers look older than you think.

“I don’t know how much these women are getting paid, but I can only believe they’re getting a healthy sum,” Wise said. “There ought to be a statute of limitations on this stuff. How these gals came up with this, I don’t know. They must have had some sweet dreams somewhere down the line.”

Wise added, “Plus, there are some 14-year-olds, who, the way they look, could pass for 20.”

Something tells me Moore knew Gena Richardson was still in high school when he called her school to ask her on a date. A former police officer in Gadsden — where Moore worked when a 17-year-old asked him, “Do you know how old I am?” and Moore responded, “I go out with girls your age all the time” — told The New York Times, “It was a known fact: Roy Moore liked young girls.”

Four of the 50 pastors who allegedly signed a letter supporting Moore told that they did not endorse the candidate.

The special election is on December 12.

[Boston Globe | photo: Getty]