Marshawn Lynch’s mom hits back at Donald Trump

Donald Trump on Monday continued his ongoing feud with NFL players who kneel for the National Anthem (and black athletes in general) by going after Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch. The Raiders played in Mexico City on Sunday and Lynch, as he always does, sat down for the “Star Spangled Banner.” When it came time to play Mexico’s national anthem, however, Lynch stood up. This really stuck in Trump’s craw, and the president whined about how he wants the beloved running back suspended for the rest of the season.

Lynch himself hasn’t responded at this point, but his mother had something to say.

“what NFL team do Trump own ? oh yeah they wouldnt let him have one ,!! LMAO,” momma Lynch tweeted Monday afternoon.

Trump has, for decades, attempted to worm his way into the NFL. There was his ill-fated venture with the USFL, which he essentially destroyed by convincing everyone to switch schedules to compete directly with the well-established NFL, thinking he could force a merger. He was incorrect. Then, in 2014, Trump attempted to buy the Buffalo Bills, but was beat out by billionaire Terry Pegula.

Having been rejected by a sports league multiple times, Trump turned to politics, became president, and still hasn’t let go of that grudge. Still, as Delisa Lynch points out, it doesn’t matter what Trump wants the NFL to do. He’s not an owner, so he has no say. He’s just another old man yelling at his TV (who also happens to have nukes).

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