Gadsden cop: We kept Roy Moore from hanging ‘around the cheerleaders’ at HS football games

Faye Gary, a police officer for 37 years in Gadsden, Alabama, where Roy Moore worked in the ’70s and ’80s, said Tuesday that local law enforcement was instructed to prevent the future Senate candidate from preying on high school cheerleaders at football games.

“The rumor mill was that he liked young girls. And you know, we were advised that, you know, he was being suspended from the mall because he would hang around the young girls that worked in the stores,” the retired cop said. “We were also told to watch him at the ballgames and make sure that you know, he didn’t hang around the cheerleaders.”

Gary worked at the time as a juvenile detective and said her department never received any official complaints about Moore, then the assistant district attorney for Etowah County. But she said his reputation as a teen lurker was rumored not just among Gadsden police officers, but also among employees at the local courthouse — where Moore reportedly asked out 14-year-old Leigh Corfman at a custody hearing, before allegedly driving to her house, taking off her clothes, groping her, and placing her hand over his underwear on his penis.

Earlier in November, a police officer told the New Yorker that Moore was “run off” from the local mall for “cruising” for “high-school dates,” and another cop said Moore was outright banned from the premises. Gary previously told The New York Times, “It was a known fact: Roy Moore liked young girls.”

On Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump criticized Moore’s opponent in the special election for Senate on December 12, saying, “We don’t need a liberal Democrat in the seat.”

[photo: Getty]