Charlie Rose’s ‘CBS This Morning’ sex banter is extra creepy in retrospect

Before eight assistants, interns, and other employees came forward to accuse veteran journalist Charlie Rose and his “crusty paw” of sexual harassment, “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver was clocking the newly fired “CBS This Morning” anchor’s dirty old man sex banter with co-hosts Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell. His ribald comments, sometimes directed towards King and O’Donnell, feel more sinister now that his former subordinates have come out and detailed his alleged predatory behavior, like wandering out of the shower fully naked in front of assistants, in gory detail.

Granted, many of the more risqué conversations are initiated by King, but there’s something about Rose’s flirtation that seems sinister in light of recent revelations.

From Washington Post:

In another on-air exchange, O’Donnell tells Rose: “You like sweet things. I know you do.”

“I do, but not cupcakes,” Rose responds, laughing. He then abruptly leans toward O’Donnell, pulls her face in with both hands and kisses her on the cheek. All three anchors appear to laugh it off.

Oliver has appeared on “This Morning” a few times and addressed the PG-13 banter on the CBS News set.

“There’s much more sexual tension here than with whatever Matt Lauer’s doing,” Oliver quipped.

In related news, three more CBS News employees came forward with complaints against Rose regarding unwanted sexual advances.

[Screengrab: CBS News]