CNN’s Chris Cuomo can’t hide his apathy towards royal wedding news

Prince Harry announced his engagement to actress Meghan Markle Monday, and by the reaction of certain corners of the internet, for many people, this is a Big Deal. For those who don’t get it, it might be hard to explain why a royal wedding would capture the fascination of the general public, especially in a day and age where extreme income inequality has made calls to eat the rich both frequent and vociferous. One man who was decidedly unimpressed by the spectacle that surrounded the announcement was CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who reacted to his “New Day” co-host Alisyn Camerota’s enthusiasm over the engagement with all the exhilaration of a soggy bath mat.

“You hear that? It’s the sound of hearts breaking the world over,” Cuomo said, introducing a segment on the engagement. “Prince Harvey, off the market—”

“Or Harry,” Camerota interjected.

“What did I say? Harvey?” Cuomo deadpanned. “Prince Harry, off the market…”

At another point in the broadcast, Cuomo went into detail about just why he couldn’t muster any interest in the romantic escapades of a wealthy family on the other side of the globe. He’s American, you see, and Americans just don’t get into all that pomp and circumstance stuff.

“I don’t know why I’m so excited about this,” Camerota said of the engagement. “But there is something romantic and exciting about — no?”

“No, that’s great,” Cuomo responded, the way an exhausted mother says that’s great to her five-year-old as he recites his list of favorite dinosaurs. “There’s certainly a point of fascination about this…

“I’m an American, we don’t have royalty in this country,” Cuomo continued. “So this fascination with royalty that is anathema to what our democracy is all about has always boggled my mind a little bit.”

After the program ended, Cuomo presumably retired to his office alone, opened up his desk drawer, pulled out a collage of pictures of Prince Harry, and stared at it silently for a moment before slipping it into the trash.

[screenshot: CNN]