Is this a video of Melania watching ballet dancers or a deleted scene from ‘The Hunger Games?’

This video from The Hill columnist Judy Kurtz could just be First Lady Melania Trump overseeing ballet dancers performing “The Nutcracker Suite” or it could be a deleted scene from one of those dystopian movies where the fate of the proletariat hinges on a bunch of really attractive teens being able to shoot arrows. There’s really no way to know.

I mean, the first lady is hosting a Christmas event at the White House and making wreaths with children, but given the thousand yard stare and distant demeanor, she could easily be recruiting those kids to battle it out in a makeshift Thunderdome for her own amusement. That dress definitely screams “matriarch of the post-apocalyptic hellscape.” My money is on the kids.

Contrary to the Vanity Fair report, the first lady looks like she’s having a blast in her gilded prison.

[Screenshot: @JudyKurtz ]